About us

Maximize Your Advantage with our Exceptional Benefits!  We provide to all, where others fail.  No one left behind! 

We provide cutting-edge employee benefits solutions that go above and beyond to support you, your employees, workers and 1099ers.  


About IB360

Benefits Agency

Are you tired of the traditional, one-size-fits-all employee benefits solutions that costs lot of money? So were we.  That's why, We are thrilled to announce the launch of our groundbreaking employee benefits agency IB360 and our cutting-edge all-in-one platform: Hub360


Welcome to IB360, a benefits agency  where we are passionate about helping businesses like yours offer exceptional benefits solutions that are designed to meet the evolving needs of today's workforce.  


The advantages of working with us:

  • Healthcare for any business budget.  Starting at $0 cost for employers.
  • Quarterly enrollment available
  • All workers, employees, and independent contractors (1099ers..)  are eligible
  • Access to affordable comprehensive benefits without compromising quality
  • Customized benefits platform with employers name and logo
  • Save time for HR professionals, employers, and employees with our 100% DFY option
  • Benefits options such as health care plans, mental health care, alternative medicine treatement options, vacation redemption & more.....
  • Bridges the benefits solution gap irrespective of geography, industry, employee status or size of a business


We strive to understand your organization's goals, values, and culture to ensure our benefits solutions align with your overall vision. Our dedicated team will be by your side, supporting you throughout your journey, and evolving your benefits program as your needs change.


Choose us as your partner and together, we will rewrite the rules of employee benefits, setting your business apart from the competition and make your business shine as an employer of choice.

About Hub360

All-in-one Hub

Say hello to the future of employee benefits! Introducing a powerful all-in-one platform: Hub360 that is set to revolutionize the way you handle enrollment, management, tracking, and shopping for benefits.  Gone are the days of multiple platforms, confusing interfaces, and countless hours spent navigating complex systems.  This streamlined approach ensures convenience and easy access for employees and employers alike.


Simplify entire process with Hub360:

  • 100% hands-free for employers
  • Consolidate all solutions in one place
  • Customized hub for employers
  • Flexibility for employees to choose benefits as per need
  • Dedicated shopping portal for employees to explore a range of products and services
  • Puts the power of choice in employees' hands, saving time and money for employers
  • Simplifies enrollment and management for HR professionals, employers, and employees
  • Empowers employees to take control of their benefits, in turn increases loyalty and productivity


Hub360 isn't just about corporate success; we're driven by a larger purpose – to empower communities across the nation. By partnering with local businesses and organizations, we aim to create a ripple effect that positively impacts individuals and families on a broader scale. 


As employers, it is essential to adapt to the changing needs of our employees and provide them with tools that make their lives easier. The ultimate solution for tomorrow's workforce is here, and it's time to join us and experience the ease and efficiency that our platform offers. Happy employees lead to improved retention rates and increased productivity, ultimately benefiting your organization as a whole.


About the Founder

I am Dipti "Dee" Amin, co-founder and Partnership Specialist at IB360, live and work in Northern New Jersey.  I grew up in South Jersey with my mother, father & beautiful sweet sister.


With a vision to revolutionize the way businesses and communities approach employee benefits, I am thrilled to introduce our revolutionary benefits agency, IB360and at the heart of IB360 is our innovative all-in-one platform, Hub360 .   IB360 aims to provide life-changing benefits solutions for both employers and their workforce and "Hub360 aims to redefine the employee benefits experience, empowering employees to take control of their benefits and making it hands-free for employers.   


In today's fast-paced and ever-changing world, it is essential for businesses to stay ahead of the curve and continuously adapt to meet the needs of their employees. Unfortunately, traditional employee benefits have often lagged behind, failing to adapt to the evolving needs of the modern workforce and hence leaving employees feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled.   This was the reason that led me on a journey of research, collaboration, and negotiations, ultimately resulting in the creation of IB360.


With my experience working in various industries and being an entrepreneur myself, I realized that there was a consistent lack of comprehensive and reasonably priced benefits across the board.  Most employees and workers were feeling the same pain I was.   Many traditional benefits packages are outdated and do not adequately meet the needs of today's employees. Workers often find themselves paying hefty out-of-pocket expenses, leading to financial strain and frustration.  And the worst part, these benefits were not even available to all workers as their employers did not have access to any benefits.


Recognizing the unique challenges faced by today's workforce and the limitations faced by employers in accessing better benefits for their workers, I was inspired to take action. It became my personal mission to seek innovative solutions to bridge the affordability-quality gap that could genuinely benefit employers and workers in the present day.   But this required collective efforts so I spoke with different industry experts and companies from various fields.   


During our discussions, one thing became abundantly clear - the importance of dedicating our time and resources to finding affordable and innovative benefit solutions for today's workforce.   To achieve our goals, we have committed to pooling our resources and expertise to conduct research, explore new technologies, and collaborate on projects that prioritize affordable yet effective solutions.  While affordability is crucial in success of any solution, compromising on the quality of benefits was not acceptable by us.  


IB360 was launched to bring innovative and comprehensive benefits solutions to all businesses.  Our goal is to empower every business with the best benefits for their workforce without breaking the bank.  Therefore with ultimate pride, IB360 introduces our Health, Wealth & Lifestyle benefits that supports the well-being and happiness of employees, ultimately contributing to a thriving and productive workforce.  


With our comprehensive benefits package in place, we are confident that your business will attract and retain the best talent, fostering a positive workplace culture for years to come.  It's a strategic decision that reaps long-term benefits for both your employees and your company's growth.



Our Mission

At IB360 Agency, we are committed to providing benefits to every worker and transforming the way businesses approach employee benefits.  Together, we will create a workplace where your employees thrive, your business flourishes, and your competitors take notice.


Our mission is to provide businesses with comprehensive employee benefits solutions that address the unique challenges of today's workforce and touches the hearts and lives of their employees.  From small business to big corporation, no matter the size, we guarantee coverage. 


Our Vision

At IB360 agency, we are driven by a clear vision of redefining the landscape of employee benefits.  We are excited to be on this journey towards a future where your business is known for its exceptional employee benefits and a thriving workforce.


Our vision is to be the guiding light that leads businesses towards a brighter future and transforms them into industry leaders by offering multiple innovative employee benefits.  We believe in providing the tools that empowers employees to create a workplace that fosters a culture of loyalty, employee satisfaction and drives organizational success.

"Working with IB360 has been a breath of fresh air. Their modern approach to employee benefits has allowed our company to offer unique benefits that set us apart from our competitors. Our employees now have access to benefits that truly matter to them. They are incredibly supportive and responsive, making the entire experience enjoyable. We can't recommend them enough!"


 Lisa, Operations Manager

"IB360 and Hub360 has been a true partner in our journey to create a nurturing and supportive work environment. From health and wellness programs to free vacation, IB360 has helped us attract and retain top talent. But what truly sets them apart is their genuine care and commitment. We are grateful for their unwavering support and highly recommend IB360 to any organization that values its workforce." 

Jennifer, HR Director