Unleash the potential of your workforce and enhance employee wellbeing, health, and financial stability with IB360.  

Easy and Affordable! Wow your workforce! 

Turn Benefits into Your Strategic Advantage.  

As low as $1,950/year* (Pkg varies.  All Businesses qualifies) 

How are IB360

benefits different??

Our exclusive"Vacation & Bill Savings"  benefits added at No Extra Cost* (conditions apply)

All employees and contractors (1099ers) are eligible - No Restrictions 

24x7 Concierge service.

Complete Done For You solution.  Save money & time.


Amazing healthcare at  Zero Cost to Employer

All employees are eligible - Guaranteed

  • Fixed Stipend & Sponsor programs option available
  • Quarterly enrollment campaigns
  • Choose the level of direct investment in employees.


Concierge care and Personalized care service

24x7 Multi-lingual reps to book appointments

  • Nationwide coverage
  • Priority visits
  • Appts within 24-48 hrs
  • Preferred location added per request*


Easy to use All-in-one platform - "Hub360"

Customized HUB with employer's name and logo

  • Eliminates the need for employees to navigate multiple platforms 
  • Offering employees the freedom and flexibility to redeem their benefits
  • Hands-Free solution for employers

Employers & Team-Leaders,    what if you could…

  • Send every worker on a dream vacation?
  • Get them unparalleled healthcare plans for a fraction of the cost?
  • Help them save on their household bills?
  • Plan their retierment?
  • Get them unlimited Legal, Tax and CPA consultation?
  • Or many more highly needed and loved benefits?
  • Under all-in-one user friendly dashboard......

Hire top talent easily, keep workers longer and make them happy and more productive.
As low as $1,950/year*


*Based on # of workers.  All employees and contractors (1099ers), of all ages qualifies for all benefits. No Restrictions.

Dream Vacations

Once a year, send your workers on a 3-7 nights on a complimentary vacation to top US or International locations, such as New York, Las Vegas, Paris, Rome, Cancun & more.... 

  • 3–7 nights vacation – to 50 US destinations
  • Or 3–7 nights international vacation – 30 destinations

Worker choose destination / No time share required. 

Healthcare Benefits

Best Business Benefits Program for Small, Medium & Franchise Businesses Nationwide

Get all your workers (including 1099ers) and their families a robust health care plan for a fraction of the price it would cost them to get it directly.

*For any age or health condition

  • Plans covers Member, Spouse and Dependents
  • Unlimited Telemedicine $0 visit fee
  • Ambulance, Hospital & ER coverage
  • Unlimited mental health sessions.  Dedicated Therapist $0 Visit
  • $0 Rx program & more...

Our healthcare experts will consult them on the right solution for them.

Total Protection Benefits

  • Accounting Services  

Free tax preparation for 1040EZ, 1040A, and 1040 CPA advice on federal taxes.  

  • Legal Services  

Free consultation on legal affairs, Includes divorce, accidents, and traffic, Includes free Simple and Living Will.

  • Financial Services / Retirement planning

Retirement, IRA, College, Debt Financial Advisor advice on federal taxes & MORE.......

Mental Health and Critical Illness Benefits

A robust supplemental health care plan for a fraction of the price it would cost them to get it directly.

*Mental Health

  • Covers Member, Spouse and Dependents
  • Alternative medicine treatment available* - Including: Acupuncture, Yoga, Chiropractic, Nutrition and More.....
  • Lic. Counselor $0/Virtual Therapist $0

*Critical Illness

  • Valid for pre-existing conditions
  • Distributes $15,000 in event of critical illness diagnosis

Our healthcare experts will consult them on the right solution for them.

Bill Savings Benefits

People today feel the increasing burden of their monthly bills. What if you could save your workers 30%-50% on their bills?

Imagine the relief and joy they'll experience as they see their hard-earned money stretch further than ever before. 


A team of experts will negotiate better prices for them with their existing vendors. 100% done for them without any upfront cost.

They’ll be able to save on all these bills and more:


Natural Gas

Cable Bundles





Satellite Radio

Community Solar


We Can Handle Everything!*


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Communicating with your workers about their benefits - providing them an access to a Benefits360 Hub where they can review and pick benefits

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Enrolling workers in the program they choose. Team of experts will help find the best solution(s) for them.

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Ongoing support before and after enrollment.

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available for you


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Then join the ranks of successful businesses who have chosen IB360 as their trusted partner in employee attraction and retention. Together, let's unlock the full potential of your workforce and pave the way for long-term success.


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